So language week one is DONE! whew! We are still trying to get to where we can communicate a little with the people here. 🙂

We have been trying to find ways to get plugged in and meet people so I found a Zumba class not far from our house and it only cost 75 cents to attend. WHOA! AJ is going to start playing pick up basketball and soccer next week. We have met one guy so far for him to go with. 


Attending language school with our good friend Becca and exploring the city. Exploring different foods! (which is not hard to do here because they have AWESOME food)! Above is three different types of tamales. Delicioso!

IMG_4100AJ looking out over the whole city.

***Our newsletter will go out biweekly and contain the majority of our ministry updates and prayer requests. This blog will be more frequent and be mainly personal updates and hopefully entertaining 🙂 with a lot of pictures.


Friends and Earthquake

So we experienced our first earthquake. I was in two little girls room watching them jump on their bed and singing. I thought they were making me dizzy and felt like the floor was moving and I was going to pass out so I walked out into the hall only to here their mom saying ” This is an earthquake.” Not what I would of expected but made me feel better it wasn’t me lol. It was a 5.6 earthquake that was happening about 4 hours from here. Nifty! Floor moved for about two minutes but no buildings damaged. Today we explored around the city some more with friends from our training, went to an artisan market and had a meeting with our supervisors. I attempted speaking to some locals in what little I knew and we cannot wait to start school Monday!! Fireworks have gone off all day long. People celebrating all day for what I have no idea, maybe just life 🙂

Buenos Noches! IMG_4086 IMG_4092

The Beginning!

I haven’t been much of a bloggy- type person but I think I am going to like managing this site in order to keep everyone updated on what God’s doing in us, through us, and around us. It will be for now and the next couple years while we are here in Virginia, then to Mexico, and finally to Peru. I hope to make it fun, short, and simple but mainly truthful about the work God is doing and going to do. Spread the word and feel free to comment so we are encouraged by you and what He is doing in your life as well. And of course……COME VISIT! I am going to learn to make a mean dish of GUINEA PIG. You don’t want to miss it.